ichiko funai
ichiko funai
Ichiko FUNAI
Contemporary Art, Costume Art
Born in Osaka, Japan (1990)
Graduate from Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts, Tama Art University.

She had been dedicated herself into drawing from her childhood, then learned fundamental knowledge of painting under Sadao Sato in her teenage years.
At same period, she studied tailoring by the person who was the lecturer at dressmaker school in Osaka previously.
Moved in Tokyo to enter the university (2009)
Launched the fashion art project, fifi (2011).
Fifi presented the performing arts at several art festivals based in Tokyo.
Moved in Paris, France (2015)
Belongs to the artist's studios, 59Rivoli, in the heart of Paris. At the autumn in the same year, she hold the fashion show which uses rue de Rivoli as the runway. This act was covered by several medias.

"Costume > human" "Human is worn by clothes"

From the experience of mental health disorder in her childhood, she sets inner world of human as her research theme over her life.
She works to prove her theory, "human could be transformed to the object".
Generally, fashion show is an event which promotes the clothes to the customers. The audience in the fashion show focus on the clothes rather than the model (Their observing point: clothes > human), in the other words, human is worn by clothes.
Ichiko's fashion art project, fifi, presents performing-arts and installation-art with the style of the fashion show based on her concept, "human is worn by clothes".

1) fifi collection: Performing arts
fifi collection has a lot of themes of various mental states of mind. It is a Performance in the shape of fashion show based on the stories created by fifi .

2) fifi antenna project: Art-project
Ichiko stays in some areas. She can get some impressions from there and then change them into an installation of fashion. She collects everyday life items The purpose of the installation is to give people a new perception on their daily life. This is an Art project send from Japan to the world.

Summary of activities
Ichiko stays in some places for a certain period of time.
- She researches the character of the place where she stays.
- She makes some outfit made of materials and culture by her finding in her activity base. (She uses some method of workshop and makes it with the people living there)
- She does a walking performance with peple living there.
- Finally she forms it as movie and opens it.

3) 1 cloth 1 fashion: perform in improvisation
The model and Ichiko use one cloth and one pair of scissors and perform in improvisation. The cloth moves like living and changes into clothes. Ultimately the cloth transfigures into a costume. It is the antithesis of stereotypical fashion shows

fifi collection
2011: fifi collection vol.1 "violet"
2011: fifi collection vol.2 "azabiro"
2012: fifi collection vol.3 "yoshiwara"
2012 : fifi collection vol. 4
2013: fifi collection vol. 5 "Yokohama"
2014: fifi oiran fashion show in yoshiwara

fifi antenna project
- fifi antenna project in azabiro
- fifi antenna project in nagakute
- fifi antennaproject inBankART
- fifi antenna project in yoshiwara
- fifi antenna project in shibuya
- fifi antenna project in Nakanobu

1 cloth 1 fashion
2013-2016: 16 performances, Tokyo & Paris

2014: fifi Kids workshop in Saitama
2014: fifi Kids workshop in Aichi

2013: Exhibition fifi antenna project in Tokyo
2013: Exhibition fifi collection at cafe Liaison in Tokyo

After Paris
- fificollection"Tambours de laverie automatique
- Festival Alternatiba
- fifi collection "Tambours de laverie automatique pour l'exposition
- 1cloth 1 fashion pour l'exposition <"Elles" Japonaises>
- fifi collection "eco" pour festival "BRING GREEN"
- l'exposition <"Ie-59">
- Le 59 rivoli enbrase le bal des pompiers
- "Survivant Rose" pour l'exposition < "Autour du Jeu"> Collaboration by Mayia Hadjigeorgiou

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